Folder permissions

Your web server needs write permissions for wiki.d/ and pub/htmlcache/. However, on your local machine you might want to edit or delete those files too. Assuming linuxuser as your desktop username and nogroup for the web server's user group:

    cd pmwiki-kit-bootstrap-compass
    sudo chown -R linuxuser:nogroup wiki.d/ pub/htmlcache/
    sudo chmod -R g+w wiki.d/ pub/htmlcache/

Users and passwords

Change the default password:

Open SiteAdmin.AuthUser, login with admin : admin. Edit the page and set your user and password. You can call your "admin user" something else than "admin", but add him to the @admins group. When you save the page, the (:encrypt:) directive will replace the password with an encrypted form.

    username: (:encrypt userpassword:)
    username: @admins

Setup any other users you want using the same syntax. The @editors group is already configured for edit permissions. Check out the PmWiki.AuthUser docs too.

.htaccess settings

  • Replace linuxuser with the username on the host.
  • Replace with your domain.
  • Replace PMWIKIKIT with the session name you set in local/config.php.

There might be other changes necessary for your environment, check the rest of .htaccess.


In local/config.php, change $ScriptUrl and $PubDirUrl:

    $ScriptUrl = '';
    $PubDirUrl = '';

Check the addon documentation, configuration, and options

Good to go

After this it's OK to deploy the site and start working on the content, but sometime you should read: